Episode VII Has a Name!

And it’s The Force Awakens. Today the Star Wars Twitter account tweeted that filming on Star Wars: The Force Awakens has now officially wrapped up and revealed this rather nice looking logo. I’m not sure what I think, but it’s definitely better than The Phantom Menace was. What say you?

Star Wars Face Off Dice Game Review

While walking through Target one day I spotted a game that had a dice cup shaped liked Darth Vader. Well, Darth Vader if he had some sort of brain implant. Being the the dice game lover I am, and sucker for things that have the words “Star” and “Wars” on …

Joe GM’s Edge of the Empire: Chapter 2

Chapter Index: Chapter 1 —————— When we last saw our motley band of adventurers, they had just parted ways with Pash, Oskara, and 41-VEX, after escaping the clutches of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Taryn Gev. Now in possession of the YT-1300 called the Krayt Fang, the crew needed work. They …

X-Wing: Favorite Pilots

We’re going to look at our favorite pilots in X-Wing. Leo and Joe will be picking two pilots, one from each faction, (no Scum yet…) and explaining our choices. They may not be the best pilots, but they certainly are our favorites.

Star Wars Comics Humble Bundle!

Unless you’d been living off the grid over the past weekend, you’ve probably heard about the epic Star Wars comic book humble bundle, presented by Dark Horse Comics. This offer is running for just over another week’s time and, honestly, should not be missed. Whether you have maybe some, but …