X-Wing: Favorite Pilots

We’re going to look at our favorite pilots in X-Wing. Leo and Joe will be picking two pilots, one from each faction, (no Scum yet…) and explaining our choices. They may not be the best pilots, but they certainly are our favorites.

Star Wars Comics Humble Bundle!

Unless you’d been living off the grid over the past weekend, you’ve probably heard about the epic Star Wars comic book humble bundle, presented by Dark Horse Comics. This offer is running for just over another week’s time and, honestly, should not be missed. Whether you have maybe some, but …

Jodo Cast Episode 4: Let It Go

Welcome back, true believers, to another action-packed episode of The Jodo Cast, your home for overblown opinions on everything Star Wars! We have another XL-sized episode where the warriors three face the Rebel Aces of X-Wing, quibble over art, admonish some fans, and give their review of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion!

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Jodo Kast has come to X-Wing Miniatures!

Ok so this obviously isn’t official. I figured all of you adoring fans of The Jodo Cast would want to be able to fly Jodo Kast himself in all of our favorite miniatures game! I found two different customs where someone converted the Lambda shuttle into Kast’s Foxcatch.

Jodo Cast Episode 3: Trivia Night!

Well, we’re back! And somehow we wound up with a nearly-two hour long return show! Might have something to do with the additional voice on this episode… For that and many reasons, we have more to bring you than ever, including our impressions coming off the big unveilings at last month’s GenCon!

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