Jodo Cast Episode 2: Ackbar’s Buick

Finally back to the real job of making podcasts, our heroes dare to bring you their opinions on the Star Wars Marvel Comics news that came out of SDCC, talk more Rebels, and bring you the first installment of MON-CAL KOMBAT, a fight to the death between two Star Wars legends that you, dear listeners, will decide!

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New Rebels Videos Impressions

This year at San Diego Comic Con Star Wars made an all out push for Rebels without a single showing of Episode 7, which is understandable considering Rebels comes out in October. At the Rebels panel they debuted three new clips and a new trailer.

Jodo Cast Flashback! Ossus Academy 1

This is a special presentation of The Jodo Cast!

Ever since The Ossus Academy went off the air in the summer of 2012, we’ve had listeners asking for the old episodes to be made available again, even if there are not to be any new episodes. As time goes on, we’ll try to add more of the lore and story-telling that made The Academy great, and, much to our surprise, a fan favorite!

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May Not Look Like Much, But…

Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there! Yes. I can see you. … No, I really can’t, but thank YOU for stopping by The Jodo Cast to see what we’re all about. More than a few of you are probably old faithful listeners from Mos Eisley Radio, which is still …

Jodo Cast Episode 1: First Catch

And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

It’s time for the premier episode of The Jodo Cast! Two of the most recent hosts from Mos Eisley Radio have made the move to a new site with a new show! Let’s be honest, though, it’s the same show as the last one, but apparently that’s what people love!

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Fantasy Flight Update

Fantasy Flight Games has recently revealed some new info about upcoming Star Wars games from them. First up, and most exciting, is the announcement of Wave 5 for the X-Wing Miniatures game! The wave is going to be smaller than in the past, with only two large size ships: the …

Episode VII Falcon Set Photos

Check out these awesome Episode VII set photos that TMZ posted. They show what is most likely an under construction Millennium Falcon and more of the giant pig creature that was shown earlier. But what I loved the most are the shots of the X-Wing-like vehicle. Looks to me like …

So, You Wanna Be In Star Wars?

Check out this video where JJ Abrams tells us about the launch of the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative. Even better than the contest is the alien that wanders past during the video. Hopefully this is a sign that Episode VII will see a return to more practical effects …