The Jodo Cast is your Star Wars gaming podcast! We cover all of Star Wars gaming on our show. You’ll hear about all the tabletop games from Fantasy Flight Games such as X-Wing Miniatures, Imperial Assault, the role-playing game, and the Living Card Game, as well as coverage of all the titles from Electronic Arts, including Battlefront, The Old Republic, and everything that’s yet to come! We also dig into our library of old Star Wars games like the classic LucasArts PC games X-Wing and TIE Fighter, and the much-loved Customizable Card Game from Decipher.

If it’s a game and it has the words Star Wars on it, you can be sure to hear about it from us.

You can find the Jodo Cast on Facebook and on Twitter @TheJodoCast.  You can also email us at show@jodocast.com (but we’re more likely to see your message on Facebook or Twitter to be honest).

The Presenters

Leo: @Crackerbox42 

Evan: @epgelion

Joe:  @RogueLieutenant


Seth: @WhiteFoxSG

Stewart: @stewartmullin

Special Thanks

Zach Brown and Brooks Guthrie, without whose hard work and dedication on Mos Eisley Radio, there might not even be a Jodo Cast.

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