Jodo Cast Flashback! Ossus Academy 2

Welcome to another special presentation of The Jodo Cast!

We’re happy to continue bringing you the long-since-over-but-never-quite-forgotten series The Ossus Academy, in which Leo and Evan nerd-out over the lore of Star Wars, particularly in relation to The Old Republic. Tonight’s lesson: Rakghouls and you!

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Review: Empire vs Rebellion

Available now is a new two player card game from Fantasy Flight Games called Empire vs Rebellion. Seeing as it came in a small box and was only $12 I decided to pick it up. Leo and I sat down to play it and here’s how it went.

Episode VII Has a Name!

And it’s The Force Awakens. Today the Star Wars Twitter account tweeted that filming on Star Wars: The Force Awakens has now officially wrapped up and revealed this rather nice looking logo. I’m not sure what I think, but it’s definitely better than The Phantom Menace was. What say you?

Star Wars Face Off Dice Game Review

While walking through Target one day I spotted a game that had a dice cup shaped liked Darth Vader. Well, Darth Vader if he had some sort of brain implant. Being the the dice game lover I am, and sucker for things that have the words “Star” and “Wars” on …

Joe GM’s Edge of the Empire: Chapter 2

Chapter Index: Chapter 1 —————— When we last saw our motley band of adventurers, they had just parted ways with Pash, Oskara, and 41-VEX, after escaping the clutches of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Taryn Gev. Now in possession of the YT-1300 called the Krayt Fang, the crew needed work. They …