Jodo Cast Special: Imperial Assault Regional Report

Hey Noodle Scooters we’re back with another special on-the-road episode! You didn’t hate the last one of these we did apparently, so we’re back at it again. 

Here are some pictures I snapped during the event, scroll all the way to the bottom for the media player to listen to the episode.

Luke just had to finish off a wounded stormtrooper….

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  1. Rod Raymundo

    Hi I’m a fairly new listener here!

    Here’s the Rebels list I wanted to try for fun – mainly on the new 4player map:

    Go Go Rebel Rangers

    [9] Alliance Ranger
    [9] Alliance Ranger
    [2] C-3P0
    [8] Echo Base Trooper [Elite]
    [3] Gideon Argus
    [9] Rebel Trooper [Elite]

    [3] Assassinate
    [0] Deadeye
    [0] Disorient
    [1] Efficient Travel
    [0] Element of Surprise
    [3] Grenadier
    [2] Heightened Reflexes
    [0] Mitigate
    [0] Planning
    [0] Positioning Advantage
    [2] Reinforcements
    [2] Reinforcements
    [0] Take Initiative
    [2] Tools for the Job
    [0] Urgency

    1. Joe Lutovsky

      Hey Rod! You’re a winner!

      I need your address so I can mail you some goodies.

      Reach out to us on Twitter if you’re on there so we can have a private message, otherwise message us on Facebook, or as a last resort, email us at

      Use the subjectline: JOE’S IMPERIAL ASSAULT CONTEST. (our email is filled with spam so reach out again if you don’t hear back within a day or two, we might miss your email.)

  2. Joey Galeziewski

    Hey Joe, I was also at that regional and I’m sad that I didn’t get to face you or your friend. Here is the list I was running. First round I would use bossk to indiscrimate fire my junk droid that was next to my eRGs to focus them up. It went fairly well. I went 2-2. 1 loss was to a very tactical blunder, and the other was some very bad dice rolls. Hopefully I will see you next tournament!
    [12] eRoyal Guards
    [9] Bossk + Motivation
    [8] Captain Terro + Feeding Frenzy
    [6]Agent Blaise
    [3] urgnaught
    [1] temp alliance
    [1] zillo technique

    2. trandoshan terror
    2. parting blow
    2. parting blow
    2. counter attack
    2. grisly contest
    1. ferocity
    1. intelligence leak
    1. negation
    1. stealth tactics
    1. survival instincts
    0. disorient
    0. element of suprise
    0. espionage mastery
    0. take initiative
    0. to the limit

  3. Jake Petersen

    Thanks for the battle reports! I’m loving the sneak peek into the new Jabba’s Realm meta. Also loving the new intro for IA specials! Very cool and thematic mashup.

    General Sorin’s Flying Circus (15/15/40)
    [8] General Sorin
    [1] Advanced Com Systems
    [7] Elite Jet Trooper
    [2] Vader’s Finest
    [7] Elite Jet Trooper
    [2] Vader’s Finest
    [5] Elite Probe Droid
    [5] Elite Probe Droid
    [2] Imperial Officer
    [1] Zillo Technique


    [2] Call the Vanguard
    [3] New Orders
    [2] Inspiring Speech
    [2] Overrun
    [2] Squad Swarm
    [1] Fuel Upgrade
    [1] Hunter Protocol
    [1] Strength in Numbers
    [0] Urgency
    [1] Negation
    [0] Take Initiative
    [0] Element of Surprise
    [0] Fleet Footed
    [0] Planning
    [0] Positioning Advantage

  4. Christopher Emmick

    Nice podcast. I wondered if Imperial players running multiple dewbacks would have problems with positioning.

    Here’s my list, which was one I threw together at 2AM and made me laugh.

    CNE “Don’t shoot my hand this time,” Luke says | 40 points

    Deployment Cards

    ▪ Luke Skywalker (Jedi)
    ▪ Gideon Argus
    ▪ Leia Organa
    ▪ Saska Teft
    Elite Weequay Pirate
    ▪ C-3PO
    ▪ Rebel High Command

    Command Cards

    Element of Surprise
    Guardian Stance
    Son of Skywalker
    Stealth Tactics
    I Can Feel It
    In the Shadows
    Tools for the Job
    Heightened Reflexes
    Glory of the Kill

  5. Loved the report. I was sort of surprised you didn’t see a swarm of rancors. They are such beasts to deal with. I haven’t yet figured out how to play them well (other than: smash things) or how to counter them. I’m loving everything about this wave, though. Every faction got a boost, and those lovely hunter and smuggler cards…

    Here’s my Scum Heroes list:

    Tools for the Job
    Heightened Reflexes
    Primary Target
    Glory of the Kill
    Run for Cover
    Extra Protection
    Stealth Tactics
    Take Initiative
    Element of Surprise

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