News Roundup: 2/25/17


Video Games

Our friends over at Star Wars Game Outpost have put together a summary of the two new units that are making their way to Force Arena, the Aqualish Engineer and the WED Treadwell Droid. Units that can repair turrets sound like something that could get annoying really fast…

The fine folks at Game Outpost have also brought attention to a new book on the horizon, Blood, Sweat, and Pixels. This book, written by Jason Scheier, will have an entire chapter dedicated to the canceled Star Wars game, 1313. The chapter of this book might shed more light onto the game’s story, which was to focus on a young Boba Fett. While we weren’t alltogether too broken up about this game’s cacellation, it will be interesting to find out more about its demise nonetheless.

Voice of Maul, Sam Witwer, and Star Wars video game veteran David Collins recently did a livestream of Republic Commando, one of the best Star Wars games ever made. Collins was the lead sound designer on the game, and as such, the behind the scenes insight in this livestream is really worth your time. Even just having the audio on in the background is great.

Watch live video from Samwitwer on

Tabletop Games

First things first. Mark your calendars. On March 14th, tickets will be available to purchase for FFG Worlds in May. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

The upcoming epic ship for the Scum & Villany faction of X-Wing miniatures, the C-ROC Cruiser, got a hefty preview this week.

While Jabba remains annoyingly a mystery still, the article showed off mostly upgrades that will be most useful in epic play only.

Just show us Jabba already!
If you’re new to X-Wing, or know someone who is thinking about getting started, there’s another X-Wing 101 article up that aims to get you playing a competetive team of Rebels for $101.

The article is written by the current World Champion, Nand Torfs no less. If you’re too lazy to read through the article, the products he suggests getting to start yourself off with the Rebel faction are the original core set, Heroes of the Resistance, and a K-Wing expansion pack. 

This week we also got a new peek inside the upcoming Consular sourcebook for Force and Destiny, Disciples of Harmony.

The article discusses the three new specialization options available to Consulars in this sourcebook: Arbiter, Ascetic, and Teacher.

While in video games, the Jedi Consular is my preferred choice, I think this style would be a little too serious for me in a tabletop RPG. I tend to get too goofy and reckless to be a consular on the table.

If you’re like me, and tend to get a little wild and reckless in your RPG sessions, then you’ll be happy to hear that new specialization decks are available for Bounty Hunters! These decks help you keep track of your skills in the new specializations that came out with the latest Bounty Hunter sourcebook, No Disintegrations.

These cards are entirely option to playing the game, but help you keep information easily accessible. Also they have more awesome artwork.

Also available in stores now is the latest Force Pack for Star Wars the Card Game, Power of the Force. While all of the cards in this expansion have already been spoiled, as we showed last week, the contents of this expansion are still worth getting excited over.

With this expansion you’ll get Hera, Ezra, The Ghost, The Phantom, Howlrunner, and most importantly a Loth Cat.


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