News Roundup: 5/20/16

Psst. Pssss. Yeah you. Want some news? I’ve got some for ya right here.

Video Games

Don’t like Droid Run in Battlefront? (Not many do.) Good news maybe. Some tweaks are coming. I’m hoping it’ll let you play as the gonk droids. ran an interview with one of the Lucasfilm executive producer Matt Fillbrandt about the decision to do the Outer Rim DLC and about the heroes that were chosen for the game.

And something many Battlefront critics have been waiting for, an explanation from EA as to why Battlefront didn’t have a campaign mode. Essentially the didn’t have enough time. They needed to release the game around the time of The Force Awakens release and that didn’t leave them with enough time to include a campaign.

Video Games

The Star Wars LCG has a new preview article up, detailing an objective set from the upcoming Galactic Ambitions expansion.

The expansion introduces a new version of Darth Vader.


In what appears to be a PR bid to hold onto, or win back, casual X-Wing players put off by competitive X-Wing play, FFG has published an article about Fly Casual; the more laid back, less competitive way of approaching X-Wing.

And in a most surprising announcement, The Star Wars Show has revealed artwork of Ciena Ree, reportedly produced for X-Wing, though this was a mistake as FFG has officially said that she’ll be coming in Armada:


You can check out the full video here. The Ciena reveal is right at the beginning.

Also mentioned in the video, and in an article on, is that video games will have a big presence at Star Wars Celebration Europe, which I will be attending.  Though the Lego Game, Battlefront, and The Old Republic are the only ones to get excited about here.

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