Star Wars Destiny: Grievous Fett vs Vader the Hutt

Here is our second “live action” Destiny video! This was filmed immediately after the first one, so any issues the first one had will still be present here. Again feedback is appreciated as we’re always looking to improve to bring you the best content we can!

SWTOR Today 1/16/2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve put out an edition of SWTOR Today, due mostly to the fact that I wanted to get through all of the Eternal Throne story content first, then see where I stood following. Well, I finished it weeks ago and I still don’t know where I …

News Roundup: 1/14/17

Wowee! It’s been quite the week for Star Wars gaming news. Lots of new products announced for the tabletop as well as a new mobile game that’s actually not crap (we think)!