GenCon 2016 Begins!

This year’s GenCon will feature more Star Wars than ever, including, but not limited to, all the great tournaments for the Fantasy Flight Games! I won’t be able to partake in those myself, this year, but we definitely want to hear YOUR experiences!

Armada Store Championship Report

Looking to expand my knowlege of Star Wars gaming as broadly as possible, I decided to participate in Little Big Wars 2016 Armada Store Championship. As I don’t actually own Armada, I had only ever played one game of Armada before the tournament. I borrowed some stuff from the store’s …

X-Wing System Open Series

Big news for all X-Wing pilots! The Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play department has just announced they’ll be hosting a brand new event called the X-Wing System Open The System Opens are an international series of X-Wing tournaments with the final tournament culminating at Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London!